Life Moves On

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Internal Strife

Adam Hughes

Life Moves On-
Steve Fulmer
Brandon Garrett
Brian Cowan
Ryan Seymour

Mike Magilnick
Ryan Haskell
Cory Landroche
Dagan Broad
Deric Wieting

Production Assistant:
Tim Johnston
Ryan Haskell
Andrew Lohman

Director, Editor, Producer, D.O.P.:
Deric Wieting

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Fox News Boston Promotes Straight Edge

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This makes me miss Have Heart already.

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Holy Blogs Batman

My blog reader has been inundated with new blogs lately. Here is a list of my favorites, some of which are new to the list some I've been following since I started reading blogs on regular basis

A Riot Of My Own:
punkrock, straight edge and literature (Twitter- @xroldx)

Double Cross: We'll Have The Straight Edge They Can Have The Rest
How's Your Edge: Straight Edge.
WorldMovesFast: Hardcore Life
xilovebroccolix: Livejournal of Davin of xKINGDOMx (Kingdom myspace)

Gurus Unleashed: Scouring the Web 24/7 for the best creative pro news and how-to so you don't have to.
Layers Magazine: The How-to Magazine For Everything Adobe
Minervity: Tutorials, Freelance Tips, and Designer Information

A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise
: All the vegan ice cream recipes you could want.
Eating Consciously: Always a Choice, Never a Chore
The Urban Housewife: Vegan Cooking
Vegan Dad: Vegan Cooking that even the kids will love.
Vegan Life Online: Vegan Recipes, Blogs, Videos, and More From Vegans Around The World

Brave New Traveler: Exploring The Inner Journey, Through The Outer World
Backpacking Travel: Learn everything you need to know about backpacking travel and vagabonding around the world
Solo Traveler: A Blog For All Of Us Who Love (Or Struggle) To Travel On Our Own.
VagabondBible: Magazine for backpackers and travelers worldwide

Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment
Alternet: Independent Online News Magazine
b-listed: People building human rights culture
Brave New Films: Revolutionizing Traditional Grassroots Politics
Democracy Now!: National, Daily, Independent, Award-Winning News Program
GOOD: A Collaboration of Individuals, Businesses, and Nonprofits Pushing The World Forward
Mashable: The Social Media Guide
Submedia: Independent Media
Take Part: Social Action Network
Tree Hugger: We care about the environment. There. We said it.
Truthout: Devoted to the principles of equality, democracy, human rights, accountability and social justice.

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Twitter Lists

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I'm Totally Going To Tweet About This

Late last week Twitter launched a public beta of a new feature called Lists. A week or two before that they made the feature available to a few special Twits who apparently missed the notice they received about keeping it under wraps. One of them being Mashable, THE Social Media Guide of the internet. They mistakenly blogged about it here.

Lists are a great tool for expanding on Twitter. You can use them to find more people with like interests, gain followers, or just organize your friends.

Here are some of my lists:

Vegetarian & Vegan

Since this list feature has gone public, I have gained nearly 50 new followers. Give it a try.

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Music Video

Last week I announced that I will be working on a music video shortly. After meeting with the band I would like to formally announce the plan to work with Life Moves On from Bangor, Maine. Life Moves On formed in 2009 and have a 3 track demo and are currently writing new songs. The song that was picked is Internal Strife. Please check them out and I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am.

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Straight Up

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Over the past month I have been putting a lot of time and effort in putting this together. It's a BMX video of a few of my friends that I did for my Digital Editing class. I have decided that it is only the beginning of a much bigger project that I am going to take on. Details on that will come soon. Also I have to put together a Music video for my next project details on that will come in the next week or so, I just have to confirm a few things before I announce it.


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Hardcore in 2009

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2009 is beginning to come to a close and it has been quite the year for Hardcore. I do realize that I have probably missed some stuff and that the year isn't quite over yet but, from where I'm standing right now, this was the breaking news in the hardcore scene in 09...

Earth Crisis- Legendary Straight Edge/Vegan Hardcore/Metal band Earth Crisis dropped their first album since 2001, and that was mostly covers at that. To The Death, their new album, was much anticipated and for a good reason. Style was not an issue for these guys even having been out of the scene for eight years. They were able to keep their signature sound yet still fit with what is out there today. Congrats to the guys and I hope to catch them on tour soon enough. Keep up with them on Myspace

Wake Up Call- Were going to put out a new album and broke up. What's with that?

Ruiner- Put out one of the best albums of the year

Have Heart- Said they were calling it quits and did an "End of The World Tour". Last show will be Edge Day in Revere, MA. Dudes will be missed.

Verse- Broke up. No official statement as to why, general consensus was someone broke edge

The Mongoloids- Rumors were true. Enough said.

The Suicide File- Played some shows this summer. They were sweet.

Edge Day 10 Years-
10-17 Ten Yard Fight and In My Eyes both played their last shows on Edge Days. Ten Yard Fight had their last show on the very first Edge Day. In My Eyes had their last show the very next year on Edge Day. Bridge 9 is working with Have Heart to put out a T-shirt and Poster that are in the same vein as the poster and stencil that were used for Ten Yard Fight's Last show.
From B-9:

"To help HAVE HEART commemorate their final show on 10.17.09, we've reached back ten years, to pay tribute to a poster & t-shirt that we originally designed to help send off Ten Yard Fight on 10.17.99 (Karma was the club for their final show). The TYF spray paint stencil pictured popped up all over Boston in the weeks before their final show, and ultimately ended up on a limited edition poster and t-shirt available at the show. We've gone through all of the Have Heart photos that Todd Pollock has sent us over the years, and assembled the collage seen above. We are putting together a package that includes a large hand numbered 23"x32" screen printed poster, as well as a high ring spun cotton t-shirt (quality / soft) complete with a hand numbered Bridge Nine woven label - in an edition of 150 pieces. Grab one while you can!"

Get yours here

Bold- Played some shows? How did the kids take to Nailed to the X?

Blood For Blood- Had to get on the Myspace and deny rumors that were hitting big time in the scene that they would be playing the first ever Great American Hardcore Fest. We're still all waiting guys, do it.

Mountain Man-
This will be a band to watch out for.

Deez Nuts-
Got denied entrance into the U.S. for their tour, bummer.

Four Year Strong-
Put out a 90's covers album. Pretty tight.

Good Clean Fun-
Made a movie, one more year till we find out if we've had they pull through with this long running stunt they've had going...
Good Clean Fun Movie Trailer

Surprises and such at This Is Hardcore-
Desperate Measures (surprise set), Let Down (last show), Breakdown (surprise set), Clubber Lang (surprise set) You should have been there, I was.

Guns Up-
Is back together and playing shows. New album, please?

Kids Like Us-
New Album. Different, but still southern as fuck and still sweet.

Bassist/Vocalist Evan Seinfeld and his wife, Tera Patrick (adult film star) got divorced.

Saw VI Soundtrack. I shit you not. Oh and a pretty anticipated album coming out as well.

1st Annual GAHF-

Edge Movie- Yup.
EDGE the movie [trailer]

Slapshot Documentary-
Chip On My Shoulder

10 for 10-
Probably opened a lot of unwanted eyes to hardcore. But that's fine, Terror can keep them.

The Bouncing Souls-
20 Years of awesome music

Pennywise- Singer leaves group after 20 years.

Gang Land FSU- Boston Beatdown all over again.

Kid Dynamite-
Tribute album in their memory. Carry The Torch

Reach The Sky-
Played some shows.

Death Threat- Put out a new album.

Internal Affairs-
Broke up.

Shook Ones- Fought inequality.

Insted- Played Liskfest. Really wish I could have been there.

Other Albums Kids Dug... Reign Supreme. Dead Swans. Shook Ones. KLU. H2O. Soul Control. Stigma. Mindset. True Colors.

Most Disappointing Album- Break Even

Under-appreciated- xKINGDOMx

I'll get back to you all when the year ends....

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